In an age when relationships between individuals and organizations are getting more & more complex, it is not enough only to have an excellent academic record. Being good at number crunching and scoring high marks in subjects are not the only criteria for success in professional or personal life. The ability to deal with ones feelings and understand the feelings of others in any given situation helps one to complement knowledge with human values.       NSS activities are imparted to fine tune the students attitudes, values, beliefs, motivation desires, feelings, eagerness to learn, willingness to share and embrace new ideas, goal orientation, flexibility, persuasion, futuristic thinking, compassion, and various skill sets of communication, etiquette and manners so that they will be able to deal with different situations which strengthen the student from within. The overall aim of NSS is the Personality Development of students through community service. It gives an extension dimension to Higher Education system and orients the student youth to community service.

  • Convener /Coordinator                :          Gokul Raj
  • Members                                   :           Sindhu T V