To groom the future leader of the technology industry, to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and to facilitate the technical skill sets that will enable students as well as the teachers to make a seamless transition into a wide array of roles in technology. The goal of Technology club is to share our passion in technology by educating students about electronics, maintainance, IT, entrepreneurship etc.

Bibin Jose

Arun Krishnan K, Akhil T S,

Harha Sreekumar






Environment is what we live in and breathe in. It is as much of our own creation as it is of nature. When it comes to a trait like being nature friendly, it can only be developed through right examples and demonstration. Great Lakes Institute of Management is credited as the first educational institution in India to have achieved LEED Platinum certification under LEED India NC version 1.0. Here, going green is practised through the green infrastructure, energy saving campus, green landscaping and environmental friendly waste management techniques. The Green Committee, the newest of all, has the onus to create awareness, spread environmentally friendly ideas and provide a platform to bring new eco-friendly ideas. The committee consists of four student members and operates under the guidance of Executive Director of the college. The green board consists of one member each from every department of the college. It works together in facilitating adoption of any new green technologies, keeping with the green norms, to be installed in campus. The committee promotes empirical research idea of students in the area of green and sustainable technology. It aims to provide a "green sense" amongst all the Great Lakes family. The committee takes care of the plantation and landscaping activities of the campus. Green Bulletin, Green'O'Graphy, Green Club, Green Week, Green Ideas exchange forum are some events which are planned for thefuture.The student members have been a part of green movement earlier and have continued the effort by creating more supporters. Going green is the way to sustainable future. Together we work towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.


Gokul Raj


Siraj P A,

 Hiran P S,

Parvathy C Jaya






English, the door to international world to students is enhanced and developed through English clubs. English club of Model Polytechnic College, Painavu is a great opportunity to the students to get familiarizes with native English language and enhances the communication abilities through different activities and games. Moreover, it equipped the students for interviews, presentations and group discussions. English clubs is also a great opportunity for career development.   


Karthika M.K,


Reshma P.D, Amrutha S,

Sonia Joseph




Arts club enables to enhance the creative skills of students and opens the vast world of arts, crafts, literature and creativity of students.Arts club of Model Polytechnic, Painavu facilities the friendly environments for students to exhibits their artistic skills abilities and creative ideas.  Arts club also enables the healthy competitive atmosphere for students and provides opportunities to participate and exhibits their talents and artistic skills.

Karthika M.K.


Jomy Vincent,

Siraj P.A,

 Sonia Elizabeth Baby,

MaheshKrishnan.S, Hiran P.S, Akhil T.S, Shafeena A.M, Sonia Joseph



Our sports club has come up with the purpose of playing diverse sports. Many outdoor games like volleyball, cricket, football, badminton etc keep the students fit and has become basic for regular physical activity. Not only this, our club also offers many indoor games like chess, caroms, etc. OBJECTIVES(1)To provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for instruction and participation in a wide variety of sports of which one may develop sound, lifelong leisure values.(2)To develop leadership skills by providing opportunities for students to organize, administer, and manage through individual clubs and/or the Club Sport Council.(3)To provide an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a particular sport.(4)To secure funds, facilities and equipment necessary to learn and practice skills of a particular sport.


Binu V V


Siraj P A,

Sonia Elezabeth Baby,


Hiran P S,

Akhil T S,

Shafeena A M,Sonia Joseph






Chacko K K


All Staff Members