The Model Polytechnic College Alumni Association has been set up to enable past students of the college to share their knowledge and experience effectively with one another as well as contribute to the fields of engineering and technology as a whole. The alumni association also helps to foster relationships in social, cultural and professional directions among its members and thus contribute positively to the society.As far as the Alma Mater is concerned, a gathering of the old students on its premises from time to time helps to enhance the glory of the institution and also gives a chance for the old students to give back to their college. Many members of the Alumni association have instituted awards and scholarships for the meritorious students currently studying in the institution.The sharing of the expertise and knowhow among students and the members of the Alumni association helps in their mutual growth and development.

Annual meeting held on 26th December 2018 suggested new panel of Executive committee under the Chairmanship of Principal.  Given below are the names of the members of the Alumni association.

Chairman         : Principal

Executive Members

S.M Ashin, Ramkumar K.M, Binu V.V, Aju P.G, Mahesh Krishnan, Rajesh, Jomy Vincent, Jinsonp.j, Prince V Jose, Shehin, Arshad, Jahan, Phines, Jiby George, Hiran P.S, Aswin C Joy, Linto, Jinto, Shine joy, Agnel, Lavos, Amaljith, SarathkumarSasidharan, Tigin