Continuing Education Cell has been formed to promote informal education in technical fields. The Cell is aimed at imparting need based customized, continuing education programs both of long term &short term duration. The need & scope of continuing education is increasing day by day with fast technological developments across the globe and improved quality of life. These Technological changes have necessitated constant skill up gradations of already working personal at shop floor. 

Continuing Education Cell in Model Polytechnic College to assist students in widening their knowledge base and improving their skills, to help make the Indian industries globally competitive, by providing training in critical and cutting edge areas, To improve the skills of a large number of faculty in various technical institutions across the country, to enable them to improve the quality of the trained manpower coming out of such institutions.

The method of delivery of continuing education can include traditional types of classroom lectures and laboratories. However, many continuing education programs make heavy use of distance education, which not only includes independent study, but can also include videotaped material, broadcast programming or online education which has more recently dominated the distance learning community.


The Continuing Education Cell program is under the guidance of Jomy Vincent and with a fine blend of renowned as well as young and dynamic personalities as faculties has always followed many innovative practices for the holistic development of students. The program committee members are;

  1. Jomy Vincent ( HOS in Biomedical Engineering)
  2. Mahesh Krishnan S (Lr. in Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  3. Bibin Jose (Demonstrator in Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  4. Anjana Raju (Lr. in Computer Applications)
  5. Silpa Das K K (Lr. in Biomedical Engineering)